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Tania Esparza Coronado reviewed Golden Eagle Taekwondo
via Facebook

Is the best taekwondo school ever!!
Highly recommended!!
The Masters Hum, Kim and Chris are so amazing and professional, they teach us to conect our spirit-body & Brain in one. We as a Family all join the classes every day.

Joshua An reviewed Golden Eagle Taekwondo
via Facebook

Passionate and knowledgeable! Would recommend to anyone interested in trying!

Debbie Baughman Kammerlohr reviewed Golden Eagle Taekwondo
via Facebook

It’s a fun and safe place to learn TaeKwonDo and to learn lots of life’s lessons.

Eunsun Lee reviewed Golden Eagle Taekwondo
via Facebook

Great place to learn Taekwondo... wonderful atmosphere for kids... My son(5) loves his Taekwondo class...

Kristie Diem Nguyen reviewed Golden Eagle Taekwondo
via Facebook

My kids love going to their lessons. Very passionate and caring Masters, as well as everyone in the family. I'm so glad we are part of your program. Highly recommended!

Melissa Kong-Garcia reviewed Golden Eagle Taekwondo
via Facebook

My 4.5 yr old son is learning focus and discipline. To see him smile in class and learn from the instructors warms my heart. The Instructors are firm, but positive and inspirational to the students. I encourage everyone who may have an interest to try it out.

Russell Hollingworth reviewed Golden Eagle Taekwondo
via Facebook

First class last week. I'm 43 and pretty out of shape. That said, the instructors have been patient, attentive and aware of my modest abilities. Thoroughly enjoying it so far, expect to enjoy it more as I get fitter.

Mike Martinez reviewed Golden Eagle Taekwondo
via Facebook

I've seen a huge improvement in my boy’s confidence and as well as discipline. Great facility and great staff.

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Relax Nothing is under control

Sometimes we wish we had a magic wand that we could control everything, so things would be as we would like, imagine with our magic touch if people would think and react as we hoped they would if my magic wand can make everything exactly the same way as it is in our mind.

The truth is if our dreams come true and we can control the world, the reality is nothing would surprise us! Which means our life will quickly turn to a boring life! We would lose the reason why to fight, no more goals of life, no more experiencing the consequences that our desire would be fulfilled.

Relax.. Nothing is under control.. that is precisely what makes life interesting, and life brings us surprises, that’s what makes us increase the desire to live, to create, to dream, to get excited.

We tend to try to keep everything under control, including our own children, but have you thought about the purpose of going after that goal? Have you thought about what the consequences of such a thing would be?

Pretending to control only makes the situation more uncontrollable,

When I was young I lived in beautiful Spain island called Canary Island, there I fall in love with surfing, but the first thing that I learned was how to escape a Rip Current. A rip current can suddenly appear. They can also rapidly ramp up in velocity. Push people away from the shore to the deep water without knowing it. My friend, who was a professional surfer, teach me these lessons if caught in a riptide:

  1. Don’t Panic
  2. Don’t try to swim against the rip (Deaths that result from riptides aren’t caused by the current pulling someone under; instead, the person typically panics, starts trying to swim against the rip to get back to shore, becomes exhausted, and drowns)
  3. Swim parallel to the shore
  4. Go with the flow (Save energy, after while you will see you are in a position that you can easily comeback)


This pandemic situation brought us an unexpected surprise. In a few weeks, unemployment claims reached 6.6 million, and people get panic. However, you still have a choice. Perhaps it is time to choose to stop fighting but “relax” save energy go with the flow, and I am sure we all see the light at the end of the tunnel, that’s what we call faith. Yes, this is your faith opportunity!

Nothing last forever! For now “Relax.. nothing is under control.”


Master Um